Samples of Space Tooling and Products

Haas Precision Corporation has been manufacturing components for space-qualified microwave satellite equipment for over 10 years.

Our primary space customer – Com Dev International (now a division of Honeywell Aerospace) – has awarded Haas Precision Corporation with one Gold Supplier Award (greater than 95% delivery and Quality rating required) and 3 Platinum Supplier Awards (greater than 98% delivery and quality rating required) during the 5 years the program was operated by Com Dev. The criteria for these awards were On Time Delivery, Quality and Supplier Relations.

Electrodes for die sinking applications is a specialty at Haas Precision. Machining copper electrodes to tolerances of 0.0002″ is standard practice at Haas Precision Corporation. Waveguides used for the transmission of microwaves in communication satellites are manufactured at Haas Precision Corporation. All flight parts are machined and inspected to AS 9100 standards. Our die sinking EDM machines produce complex internal pockets as shown in the photos below. Electrodes are first cut to exact sizes and then the internal pockets are, “burnt” to finished specifications. Our internal quality system demands the use of inspection travellers on all flight components. This ensures both process accountability and product compliance.